I am Laxsmi

Laxsmi Good Wish Cheque

Goddess Laxsmi fulfills all your wishes. Her inner attitude is divine and perfect. The Divine Abundance of Money is always present with Goddess Laxsmi. With this Universal cheque you can ask and visualize your own Unlimited Abundance.

Goddess Laxsmi, Goddess of the Universe

Goddess Laxsmi is the most treasured Goddess of Money, Wealth, Abundance, Happiness, Light, Love, Harmony, Beauty and Courage. She fulfills all your wishes since her inner attitude is divine and perfect.

Money, happiness and bliss are flowing abundantly from Goddess Laxsmi’s hands.
Laxsmi is honored at the annual Festival of Lights: Diwali. In the images of Goddess Laxsmi, she is always sitting or standing on a Lotus flower. The Lotus flower is the symbol of purity in Hinduism and Buddhism.
The Lotus Flower is perfect, whole and complete as well.

The image of white elephants represents happiness, strength and wisdom. In short, the overall picture of Goddess Laxsmi is a promise of abundance in happiness and wealth. Every person embodies the Laxsmi sparkle in his inner essence.

  • Iyanla Vanzant  
    "Abundance is a direct reflection to live abundantly. People who are ready for abundance keep their heads up, their eyes open and give thanks for everything they get and receive."
  • Goddess Laxsmi  
    "Embracing and allowing the power of my inner Laxsmi flow to create the life of my dream"
  • Goddess Laxsmi  
    "Inhaling the infinite abundance of breath, reflect and attract my inner money conciousness"